At MAD, we believe in creating a fun & dynamic training environment where our young athletes not only get a great workout, but they start to understand WHY they are doing what they’re doing & HOW it will help them. We combine performance training concepts that you can find professional athletes using, an engaging and positive coaching attitude, and our special brand of playfulness that give young athletes a fantastic workout that they will want to experience every day!


At MAD, we want to help you get comfortable being uncomfortable. Because it’s only outside your comfort zone that real change starts to happen. When you attend our group classes, you’ll find a challenging strength and conditioning program that revolves around multi-joint resistance exercises and circuit-based cardiovascular training that will help you build lean muscle and torch unwanted body fat. But more importantly, you’ll be training in a safe and practical environment not driven by competition between one another, but set up for you to reach your physical goals while building confidence and self-belief.


Weight Loss

If you’re looking to build a leaner, athletic body that is effective at burning calories, our MAD Strength and MAD Fit classes are just what you need! We create fat-torching workouts that combine challenging multi-joint strength exercises with butt-kicking cardio circuits that’ll leave you feeling like you can conquer the world!

Skills Training

Our MAD Skills class combines technical soccer training activities that help develop dribbling, passing/receiving, and turning with speed/agility exercises that improve first step quickness and change of direction to create an effective workout for soccer players ages 10 and up!

Athletic Performance

Our MAD Speed and Strength classes are designed to help athletes reduce the chances of non-contact injury through strength, balance, and mobility training, while teaching them the technical skills necessary to be accelerate, cut, and change directions with power and efficiency!

Family Training

We believe that families who work out together are healthier and happier! Our MAD Fun class is built for just this purpose! This obstacle course-style workout will have both parents and kids sweating and smiling as they compete to see who can put in the most effort over 45 minutes!