A D U L T • T R A I N I N G

At MAD, our goal is to help you make physical activity and exercise a part of your lifestyle. We believe that one of the keys to a long, happy, and successful life is the enjoyment and embracing of physical activity and exercise throughout your lifetime.

One of the main reasons why some adults cannot maintain an exercise regimen lie in the lack of creativity and productivity they find in their workouts. Either the workout doesn’t change often enough and they become bored and disinterested or they simply do not see or feel enough results and are disheartened and disillusioned. At MAD, we progressively change our workouts to ensure that the boredom found with other programs doesn’t set in.

In our workouts, you’ll develop total body strength, balance, flexibility, and agility and have a great time doing it! If slamming medicine balls, lifting sandbags and dumbbells, and running through cones and agility rings sounds like fun to you, then check us out!

Check out our class descriptions:

This class is a High Intensity Interval Training class. A circuit of exercises is created that uses a specific work:rest ratio designed to increase the body’s ability to burn calories long after the session has ended. Circuits include body weight plyometric drills, medicine ball-based ballistic activities, and agility exercises that will raise the heart rate and stoke metabolism!

These classes are circuit-based strength training sessions that utilize moderate to heavy loads in order to effectively build total body strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and change body composition.

Geared towards the beginner or athlete, you’ll FEEL BETTER and be ready to tackle another week of workouts after this class! You’ll learn simple poses, mobility and foam rolling exercises, and how to control your breathing in this fantastic class!

 A competition-based class filled with strength and agility-based exercises for adults and kids looking to have fun getting fit!