S U C C E S S • S T O R I E S

“Swim practice is great for improving my stroke.  MAD Training is great for helping my start, my turns and helping me get stronger.  With MAD my core strength has improved greatly and that has resulted in a better body line for my sport.  Bottom line:  faster swims and more wins.”

nitro_swimming_custom_woven_beach_towelSEAN GRIESHOP
Junior National Swimmer 

“Basketball injuries are so common, but with the strength and agility work I do at Meyer Athletic Development, I have avoided common basketball problems like ACL and achilles injuries.  Tim and his trainers create work-outs specific to my sport and I love that. ”

Point Guard, ATX Future Basketball

“Last night Logan played a late game. He pitched really well but that’s always been his strong suit. As you’re well aware agility and speed have always been a struggle. Last night he looked different enough that a couple parents and coaches commented. 😉 Making a play off the mound is hard for any pitcher because they’ve just finished throwing their body into a pitch and are defenseless. It’s probably even a little harder than average for Logan. He had several plays last night that seemed effortless. He scooped a ball on the run off the mound cleanly and threw it to first in one smooth movement. In a second play he fielded the ball off the mound and ran in to first to beat the runner out.

We’ve always told him that training with you is a tool we are willing to offer him and he can decide how little or much. It was so rewarding for him to see the effort he has put in pay off. Just wanted to say thanks!”

Proud MAD Training Parent

“Coach Tim has been an instrumental part in the development of numerous Lonestar Soccer players from age 8 to 18, boys and girls. He has inspired players to believe in their dreams and helped them achieve these goals. He has a rare ability to push and motivate yet make it fun and always make you want to come back. As an adult who has participated in sessions with Coach Tim I can tell you that I have never worked out so hard yet had so much fun at the same time.”

2000px-Auburn_University_Athletics_logo.svgJAMES ARMSTRONG
Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach,
Aulburn University

“Players love working with Coach Tim Meyer.  The feedback is the same whether they are rehabbing an injury or working to improve performance- The kids always say that Tim was very good and extremely helpful.”

Girl’s Division 1, Director of Coaching

“As a pro soccer player for 7 years in MLS and USL, and also a former youth national team player, I’ve been exposed to almost every top trainer and top training program available to soccer players in the US. Tim Meyer is without a doubt, one of, if not the most, knowledgeable, motivational, and driven trainers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I enjoyed a career year under his guidance and took my game to a level I wasn’t sure I could reach while working weekly with Tim. He has the gift to make you strive to be the best, and the talents to execute and deliver to get the results that separate the good from the great. I continue to work with Tim because I believe in what he does and have seen results to back it up. I highly recommend anyone looking to take their game to the next level to work with Tim”

1362504534_aJAMIE WATSON
Midfielder, Minnesota United FD