Thanks for everything Tim!  Going to you guys has helped his confidence and he works out on his own at home using things you guys have taught to him and he is skinny because of his great metabolism but his muscle definition is there!

Denise H.

Mother of Houston

We are so tremendously pleased with work Coach Tim and the staff at MAD training have done with our son. The MAD Performance class has yielded exactly the results we hoped to see in our son on the pitch. In addition to being stronger, Ethan is also faster and much lighter on his feet.  The training has improved his stamina as well. But the impact goes beyond what we see on the field. Ethan is learning that success takes hard work and dedication. The fact that he can track his progress in training and see tangible improvements has been a huge motivator for him to work even harder. Beyond that, and equally important to us as parents, we love that he loves going!!

The Mirandas

Lonestar Soccer Club

While it is important that you have personal workout goals, it is equally important that the facility have goals for you. Tim Meyer, owner of MAD Training, will tell you that his number one goal is that you do not injure yourself.  Tim teaches you proper form and technique, and provides the supervision necessary so that you do not get hurt. Teaching and supervising are two different skills. You need both.

MAD has a workout curriculum that includes periodic assessments where you track your personal progress.  Tim’s knowledge allows him to adjust each person’s workout as needed, increasing the workout weight to increase the challenge, or decreasing the load where appropriate.

Todd F.

Adult Fitness Client

I wanted to thank you for the incredible coaching you’ve provided for Jayden over the last month.  These sessions have made such a huge difference in her game. She had a shutout last weekend and blocked over 20 shots!!! Over the years, we’ve worked with 5 other goalie coaches and I’ve got to say that you have made more of an impact than any of them.  Her reflexes, positioning, ability to get the rebounds etc have remarkably improved.

Vanessa V.

Parent of Jayden, Goalkeeper

Stormy is doing really well!! She’s feeling excited about her speed, her strength, her work ethic, and her ability to continue going no matter what kind of pressure. We owe so much of this early success to you!!! Honestly cannot thank you enough for your training – training that involved more than just the physical aspects but also the mental.Thank you so much again!!! We definitely want to have her train with you over Christmas break and also to get on your list for summer!

Lori M.

Parent of Stormy, Lonestar Soccer Club Alum, Mississippi State Soccer

Being active is fun! Getting hurt is not! I was told my injuries were from “lack of strength”… that I better do something about it!

Entering a gym can be an intimidating experience, it was for me. I tried many gyms…big, small and private ones… The gyms were all the same, intimidating, cold and unfriendly. My physical therapist told me that the injuries I kept experiencing were due to lack of strength. I despised going to the gym. I never knew what to do so I would just go to the treadmills or bikes! I saw the weight room/strength training as scary. I was afraid I would hurt myself. Then a friend told me about Tim Meyer and Mad Training. She assured me it would be different than my past experiences.  So, I tried a class at MAD.  

As soon as I walked in the door, Tim greeted me. He wanted to know about me, my past injuries, my goals. He genuinely cared. The class was small! He saw where modifications were needed and made adjustments. I noticed he was watching everyone’s form carefully so no one got hurt. 

I’ve been training at MAD for a couple years. Tim would never suggest an exercise/activity that I am not capable of doing safely. I have to find confidence in myself to do the uncomfortable, hard things. At MAD I am becoming not only physically stronger but mentally too.

MAD training is a safe place to begin or continue to work on your fitness goals!

Vickie A.

Adult Fitness Client

Like many of us, I woke up one day and didn’t like the shape I was in. As my athlete son had already been working out with Tim and getting good results, I decided to ask about private training for adults. Tim and I had a conversation about goals and expectations and I started weekly sessions with him. Two years later I am still attending the training sessions. I feel much better about the way I look and feel than I did two years ago and I have several examples of “incidents” where my new strength and flexibility saved me from injury (or at least from embarrassment). I would recommend Tim to anyone that would like to move and feel better.

Cleo C.

Private Training Client

I never knew what TPI was until I met Tim. After briefly explaining to me what his certification meant, I tried it. Within the first couple of workouts I noticed an immediate physical improvement. In addition to this which was a total surprise, I realized mentally I had a better understanding of the golf swing in general, and quickly applied it and improved mine. The balance, core, and stability required to do the exercises correctly has corrected flaws in my swing without having to change my actual swing whatsoever. As a golfer thriving to see a consistent improvement in my game I wish I had been doing this for years. Better late than never!

Rafael E.

Golfer, Private Training Client


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